Soccer Field in #DowntownSBY?

This past Friday, I had a meeting with Adam Manning. He owns and operates Happy Feet & Legends Soccer Training in #DowntownSBY.

Mr. Adam wanted to meet with me because he has an amazing idea for installing and maintaining a 65 foot by 50 foot soccer field near the pavilion by the Riverwalk in Downtown.

After I shared my presentation with him about the #DowntownSBYpark, I asked him the following questions which are very important for us as we dream about creating these “pocket parks”…

• Who will fund the soccer field?
• Who will maintain the soccer field by mowing and watering the grass?

He said that he had already thought that I would be asking questions like these. Mr. Adam has worked on a contract with a local landscaping company who will install the sod and then water and mow the soccer field. Happy Feet & Legends Soccer would even pay for any costs that come up in the building and maintaining of this mini-soccer park for the city.

I know there will be more questions like these we will need to answer, but this is a great idea for our first #DowntownSBY pocket park! I have another meeting scheduled with the Mayor to discuss this idea, because we will still need permission from the City of Salisbury and support from the community to begin creating pocket parks like this one.

Mr. Adam and I took a walk to the pavilion by the South Prong of the Wicomico River to see where the soccer field might be installed if we get permission to build the soccer field.

Check out these cool pictures…