Park Research DAY ONE


Today has been a really looooong and fuuuuun day!

My family and I travelled to Annapolis this morning because my mom had a photo shoot. Dad, Rance, and I walked through Downtown Annapolis until we found their Downtown Park. It was very fun. This park is located near the docks. I liked their swing sets and a really cool geometric climbing ladder… it was shaped like a double helix!

Then we drove to Wheaton, Maryland in Montgomery County (by Silver Spring) to play on an awesome adventure park that we researched earlier this week. The Wheaton Regional Park is a community built park that has the greatest climbing hill and rope spider climbing equipment I have ever seen!

These are exactly what we could build TOGETHER in our #DowntownSBY open spaces!

Seriously, think about a hill like this in front of the Government Office Building! That would be so fun for kids and family to play and exercise on together!