Park & Library


On Tuesday morning, I gave a #DowntownSBYpark presentation for Mrs. Andrea Berstler, who is the Director of the Wicomico County Library (located in Downtown Salisbury). She likes the idea of theĀ #DowntownSBYpark and she has great ideas for the park, too. And I love her library!

I would like to partner with her so the park will be connected to the Library. I believe any park for kids and families in Downtown Salisbury should be very connected to the awesome stuff that the library offers.

One of her ideas was scheduling activities in the park so that it will attract more kids and families Downtown. For example, Mrs. Andrea suggested that we could partner with the Salisbury Zoo and schedule times when a zookeeper could bring an animal from the zoo to the park for a presentation. And the library could even have books on hand for kids to learn more about that animal.

I want to have a small performing stage in the park for kids to play and sing. Another one of Mrs. Andrea’s ideas was to get some puppets that are better for outside so that kids can check out puppets and play with them on the stage at the park.

What a great meeting! I’m excited about partnering with the library to create this park!