Do Parks Make People Happier?

Sorry for not updating my blog in a while!

I’ve been working on the DowntownSBYpark with my family and some of our partners all spring, and I will have some exciting updates next week!


While you are waiting, I want to tell you about an article I read from psychology today by cognitive scientist, Art Markman, about the question: “Do parks make people happier?”

I liked this article. Here is the idea from the article that I liked the most.

One thing people often look for when moving to a new city is they look for neighborhoods with parks near them. Being near green spaces helps us engage in activities that will make us happier and healthier. My family loves green spaces and parks. This is something we looked for when we moved into #DowntownSBY.

Here are some other notes I thought were important.

Parks can influence whole neighborhoods.

Parks allow people get away from stress and noise.

Parks also provide places for exercise and movement.

Parks allow you to get in open space to run and even just to think and look at the sky.

Parks are the best!

And my DowntownSBY is the best, too!